Dynamical Torsional Analysis of Schweizer 300C Helicopter Rotor Systems

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The study in this research focuses on building simulation model the motion systems of Schweizer 300C helicopter and Emphasises is put on examine the most suitable simulation techniques used to deal with the most accurate and closest to reality dynamical torsional response of the motion systems which will lead to the best analysis. In The first part of this research, an introductory to the history of helicopters and their dynamic fundamentles and the development and expansion of the Modeling methods from the beginning to the current forms adopted for wide variety engineering system applications. The problem identified examines the chances and possibilities of simulating the motion systems (tail and main rotors) of Schweizer 300C helicopter .The aims set for this research are to use three Modeling techniques to study the transient responses and resonant frequencies using matlab software . In this research three different techniques were adopted and compared for the simulation of the movement system of this heilcopter to identify the best and most accurate representation of dynamic torsional analysis of motion systems. The Modeling techniques used in this research are the Lumped Parameter Modeling-LPM, Finite Element Method-FEM and the Distributed-Lumped Parameter (Hybrid) model-DLPM. Finally, Modeling techniques and results obtained from each technique are compared and it can be concluded that Distributed-Lumped Parameter technique (DLPMT) is the most accurate and closest to the reality for this and such applications.
Helicopter Rotor Systems, Schweizer 300C helicopter, modeling techniques, Distributed-Lumped Parameter technique (DLPMT)