The contribution of computer software programmes to improving teaching processes for childrenwith down's syndrome: A study of special education centers in the United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Technology has always been considered as an empowering tool to guide learners during their studies. However, mentally challenged kids diagnosed with Down‟s syndrome do not always have the same opportunity to use technology and its products as compared to regular children. This study aims to develop new mechanisms that will aid children with Down‟s syndrome to gain basic knowledge by using computer software packages such as Microsoft Paint. The research methods of this study were designed to examine the application of computer software packages in teaching children with Down‟s syndrome. A mixed methods approach was used in this study. A triangulation of the two research methods was utilised. For the quantitative part of the dissertation, a cross-sectional research design using a questionnaire survey was implemented while key-informant interviews were used for the qualitative method. Spearman's rank order correlation coefficient and content analysis were the two main quantitative methods used to analyse the data gathered.The parents and teachers comprised the population involved in this study since they are the ones with firsthand experience in using computer software packages for teaching children with Down‟s syndrome. The results of the study demonstrate that effective use of computer software packages in special education facilities requires a joint effort between parents and teachers.
down‟s syndrome, special education