The productivity contrast between genders at work

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
After many focused researches, and the serious studies done by specialized organizations for the topic of equality between male and female workers/employees, and in addition to the newly applied laws against the discrimination between the genders; there are still many differences which clearly appear in the different fields of profession. For instances, the educational fields show almost equal percentages of the manpower, and the number of male employees is almost equal to the number of female employees; however, at the industrial and technical fields, the difference in the percentages is quite big as a result of the different affecting environmental aspects. This dissertation is shedding the light over the different aspects that affects the production which are the following: 1- The commitment of each gender by the official working hours 2- Career satisfaction 3- The negative and positive affecting factors 4- The difference in wages and the family commitments for each gender 5- The time frame used to achieve the same jobs and tasks assigned
workplace, women employees, productivity contrast