The effect of servant leadership on students’ engagement in social studies class: analyzing perception of middle school students in Dubai

One of the most important goals of education for students is to learn. By engaging students in the classroom they can reach this essential aim. By adopting appropriate leadership styles, teachers can increase students’ learning, for example adopting a servant leadership style helps teachers to coach students to enrich their learning experiences. The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the extent to which servant teaching influences students’ engagement in Dubai’s middle schools. Based on a positivist approach, quantitative data was collected from a sample of 383 students from four middle schools in Dubai using SES-4DS and modified version of the seven-factor servant leadership scale Questionnaire. Linear Regression was used for analyzing the results. The finding shows that the use servant leadership style by social studies teachers influence learners engagement on three different aspects: cognitive, behavioral and agency. Findings of this research can be used by teachers to apply servant leadership in their classroom. Application of this leadership style in classroom helps students to engage more and therefore learn better.
servant leadership, student engagement