Elementary Students’ Perceptions of Use of Project-based Learning in Germany

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Group project-based learning is recognized as an effectual method for involving students in a constructive learning environment that enhance their critical thinking, and gear them with the important skills they may need in their future development. This case study has been conducted to investigate the elementary students’ perceptions of the project led education, and its impact on their deep learning of the scientific context, as well as its’ effect on developing their high learning skills. A total of 59 grade four students from the elementary division of one of the IB international schools in Germany have participated in this study. A mixed method approach has been designed to collect data; interviews have been conducted with the students in addition to a 7-question survey that asked students to evaluate their perceptions and satisfaction of using project-based learning as a teaching strategy for science subject using a 4 points Likert scale. The results have revealed that students have positive attitudes and satisfaction toward enacting project-based learning in teaching science in their schools, in addition to its positive effect on the deep learning of science concepts, as well as acquiring the important skills that students may need in their future
Project method in teaching., Elementary students, constructive learning environment, Germany, critical thinking, teaching strategy