Modelling and Simulation of MD 500E Helicopter Drive System

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The primary aim of this study is to study the helicopter driveline system response of the helicopter model MD 500E. In order to meet the aims of this study, a mathematical model has been derived from the system from the physical description of the helicopter available. Lumped, finite element and hybrid, distributed-lumped parameter procedures developed by R Whalley, M Ebrahimi and Z Jamil paper “The Torsional response of rotor systems” are employed to represent the system of concern in efforts aimed at increasing accuracy, integrity and computational efficiency. The simulation was done using the Matlab Simulink platform. From the simulation, predictions can be made about how the helicopter’s drive shaft will behave under specific conditions. The results revealed that the three models share identical steady-state response and only vary in transient behaviour. In addition, it was observed that the hybrid, distributed-lumped model showed high accuracy and good integrity and computational efficiency in comparison to the lumped model as well as finite elements model
modelling, simulation, helicopter drive system, computational efficiency