Perceptions of Teachers and Learners on Teaching Methodology used in Online ELT Classrooms

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The objective of this study was to find out the perception of teachers and learners on teaching methodology (TBLT or PPP) used in online English classrooms in an HEI setting in the UAE. Surveys and semi-structured interviews were conducted, as the study took the Mixed Method route. Data was collected from 62 participants and the quantitative data was analyzed by calculating mean and standard deviation on Google Sheets, whereas the qualitative data was analyzed through Thematic Analysis. Findings from learners’ data revealed a positive perception overall, towards both PPP and TBLT, but preference for TBLT out of the two methodologies was also observed for reasons such as Groupwork, Interaction, TTT, and Monotony, which were identified through findings of the qualitative analysis. On the other hand, findings from teachers’ quantitative data showed a neutral perception towards both methodologies along with mixed preferences which were concluded on the basis of aspects disclosed by findings from the qualitative analysis such as Level of Learners, Administrative Pressure, Familiarity, and Assistance.
online learning, Presentation-Practice- Production (PPP), Task-Based Language Learning (TBLT), United Arab Emirates (UAE), English classrooms, teaching methodology