The Perceptions of the Impact of a Professional Training Development Program on the Inclusion and the Differentiation Management Skills: A Case Study of the Teachers in an American Curriculum School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
In response to the evolving landscape of education and in light of the Universal Conventions and the Emirati constitution and laws; teachers are facing an increasing emphasis on developing inclusive and differentiation skills. Furthermore, the disciplines of today’s classrooms have varied educational backgrounds, and teachers are required to work proficiently with differentiated content, processes, and products. The training programs for teachers and principals became necessary to minimize vulnerability, improve the socialization of learners with special needs, and ensure inclusive education. A charitable foundation for medical Education and research and one of Dubai's universities have designed together a program that offers professional training to provide educators with the knowledge they need to manage their way through inclusion and differentiated education. The purpose of this research is to analyze the outcomes of the professional training development program with the aim of finding evidence of the progress related to inclusion and differentiation management skills of teachers in the context of an American school in Dubai and provide valuable insights for stakeholders in similar contexts. The main research question is about the impact of the training program on the inclusion and differentiation of management skills. Data is collected through a Mixed Research Method. The Quantitative and qualitative approaches are used. Surveys, semi-structured questionnaires, and class observations will reinforce the data triangulation and will enable the researcher to develop some significant recommendations to help mainstream teachers. The analysis of the collected empirical data demonstrates the transformative power of training programs on the skills, knowledge, and attitude of teachers regarding differentiation and inclusion practices, meeting with the theoretical frameworks. The study’s academic, political, and social perceptible implications may inform legislators, school leaders, administrators, and teachers. The major limitations of the study are the research design, the time constraint, and the sample size. The scope for future studies involves an expanded sample size encompassing teachers from different cohorts to assess the long-term effects of the training workshop within diverse contexts. The potential benefit of this research study is to explore the most adequate tools and strategies to reach and teach all students in the classes and offer beneficial guidelines to help educators in comparable situations.
professional development, classroom management, curriculum, inclusive education, differentiated instruction, students of determination, individualized education plan