Modal Dynamics of Combined Offshore Wind Turbine and Monopile Foundation System: A Seismic Impact Assessment Study on System Dynamism

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
For the sustainability transition to evolve at a rapid pace, complex engineering systems are required to be reliable and effective in their operability. Even though offshore wind energy systems are a few decades old now, global adoption is not strong due to reliability issues, construction, operation, and maintenance complexities. The primary uncertainty in the structural engineering of this system lies in the dynamic behavior which is almost impossible to accurately compute. Seismic interactions at the seabed further complicate this. This dissertation conducts an in-depth modal dynamics analysis of an integrated offshore wind turbine and monopile foundation system, employing finite element analysis techniques. The study encompasses frequency domain analysis, eigenvalue extraction, and modal dynamic steps, incorporating seismic loads inspired by significant earthquake events, and the seismic impact on the system's dynamism is evaluated by evaluating system field and history outputs across system modal dynamics. Critical insights regarding the geometric variation effects on the dynamic traits of the combined system are retrieved by careful comparative evaluation.
modal dynamics, wind turbine, system dynamism, finite element