Using Educational Technology to Support Classroom Management in High Schools

dc.contributor.advisorDr Tendai Charles
dc.contributor.authorASANTE, KINGSLEY
dc.description.abstractEducators are compelled to rely on psychological theories formulated outside the classroom to obtain recommendations on establishing and flourishing inside educational environments. Consequently, incorporating technology has been associated with promoting the instruction of the English language, increasing learners' motivation and engagement. This mixed-method research examined the perceptions of English instructors concerning the efficacy of a classroom management technology (ClassDojo) in a private high school in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Semi- structured interviews were employed to collect qualitative data to understand the perceptions of English teachers about the efficacy of employing ClassDojo as a tool for managing the classroom. A survey was used to collect quantitative data to identify which factors discussed in the interviews were encountered by most of the English teachers. The participants comprised 3 teachers for the interviews and 38 for the survey. The study's findings were consistent with current literature and indicated that ClassDojo creates motivation and engagement inside the English classroom, thereby improving student achievement. Nevertheless, some English teachers felt negative reinforcement (deducting points) affected student engagement. The participants expressed that the visual and audio elements of ClassDojo made it a capable tool. Overall, English teachers believe ClassDojo has the components to help them increase student motivation and engagement.
dc.publisherThe British University in Dubai (BUiD)
dc.subjectclassroom management, classroom strategies, ClassDojo, technology
dc.titleUsing Educational Technology to Support Classroom Management in High Schools