A data envelopment analysis of banks in the UAE A Study of the Relative Operational and Intermediary Efficiency of National Banks of the United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Similar to all countries that are in the mid development or developing stage, commercial banks play a key role in the economy. Proper analysis of the performance and that the efficiency of these banks is important to all stakeholders including, and not limited to, investors, creditors and the government itself. This paper aims to analyze the efficiency of the national commercial banks in the United Arab Emirates by defining and using different approaches of Data Envelopment Analysis in order to identify the relatively efficient and relatively less efficient national commercial banks. This study concentrates on the main approaches of the operating efficiency and the financial intermediary role efficiency. Through this study we observed that over the period of 2008 – 2012 that (i) A general and consistent level of high operational efficiency can be observed in the United Arab Emirates banking Sector; (ii) A general and consistent level of high intermediary role efficiency can be observed in the United Arab Emirates banking Sector with the presence of efficiency fluctuations in some banks; (iii) The age of individual banks had little or no effect on the relative efficiency of the bank; (iv) Compared to previous studies we can observe a general raise in operating efficiency levels among banks.
data envelopment, UAE banks, United Arab Emirates (UAE), bank performance, bank efficiency, DEA analysis