The Impact of an Educational Training Program on the Self-Efficacy of Teachers and Leadership Staff in a Private School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research study aims to examine the effect of a two-month educational training program on the self-efficacy of authority staff and educators in a private school in Dubai. Self-efficacy, a critical mental idea, impacts teachers' and leadership staff presentations in a learning climate. The New General Self-Efficacy Scale, is utilized in a quantitative strategy to dissect the effect of the preparation program on an example of 100 members, including 55 educators and 45 individuals from the leadership staff. The discoveries propose a significant contrast in self-viability expansion between these two gatherings, with initiative people exhibiting more elevated levels of self-efficacy following the program. These discoveries highlight the significance of proof-based preparation mediations in upgrading self-efficacy and give bits of knowledge into the elements among educators and leadership staff in Dubai's private school. The examination questions for this study plan to exhaustively comprehend the effect of the preparation program on self-efficacy improvement. RQ1 investigates the impacts of the preparation program on instructor self-viability, while RQ2 researches its effect on authority staff self-efficacy. At long last, RQ3 investigates possible varieties of what the preparation program means for self-efficacy improvement among teachers and leadership staff. By responding to these inquiries, this concentration significantly adds to the field of instructive preparation and its impact on self-efficacy levels among experts in private school settings. It also offers helpful guidance for working on informative procedures and authority in Dubai's particular instructive environment. The result shows that leadership staff have higher self-efficacy in attending the educational training program.
self-efficacy, new general self-efficacy scale, educational training program