Project Portfolio Management for Successful Major IT Projects in Global Telecommunication Organization

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Many researchers have discussed and analyzed the failures for Information Technology Projects and the importance of implementing project management methodology through Project Management Office or Enterprise Project Management. However, there are not enough studies covering telecommunication and IT service provider organizations published for forming and implementing Project Portfolio Management process especially in the Gulf Countries.The aim of this research paper is to investigate how PPM can be utilized by organizations to decrease the failures of the major IT Projects in. The research is considering “Company A” as a case study to analyze it throughout different reviews. This organization went through a strategic change which shifted their IT projects direction and its management decided to implement PPM to maintain their competitive advantage in the market.The research methodology covers qualitative, quantitative and empirical and observation data gathering and analysis.The research findings indicate that although the reasons for IT project failures are apparent to most researchers and business owners, the rate of success is still disappointing. The research indicated that these factors like scope, time and cost of a project are not enough to control IT projects and obtain the expected result. However, PPM looks at vast areas like synchronization of projects’ strategies, goals, values, revenue and benefits to fit the organizational long term objectives. The research considers the IT Projects and Technology complexity which are another reason for the failures.The current study concludes that organization should always recognize its capabilities and external environmental factors to identify its sensitivity to different market variables. Also, the surveyed sample shows the importance of associating the PPM tasks to individual so it is aligned with the strategic objectives. Human resource function is vital to develop the required skills according to the new requirements of the organization projects.Mainly, it is suggested by this paper that the association of these factors should be investigated in future studies using a larger sample of questionnaire respondents and to different telecommunication organizations.
information technology projects, project management methodology, project portfolio management