Challenges Facing PBL Implementation in K-12 Schools in Al-Ain

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
A significant emphasis is posed by the UAE vision 2021 National Agenda by review of the crucial role of education in the country, which is specifically linked with long term investment in the younger generation and future workforce. A multitude of educators perceives PBL (PBL), as an evolution from the basic methodology of instructive teaching and the prospects represent advancements that can change the underlying framework of the study, undergoing the learning process. This research intends to assess the difficulties of educators and instructors in a K-12 school in implementing the PBL approach and how these difficulties are overcome by the educators and instructors. Moreover, the research also intends to impart knowledge of PBL approach as supplementary for the enactment of 21st Century Skills skills among the students by assessing the views of study participants regarding PBL as facilitating prospect for giving of 21st Century Skills. The primary research methodology was used in the research with open and shut queries, and questionnaires were distributed among study participants. According to study findings, most prominent difficulties identified by the educators or the participants of the study were meeting the states responsibility necessities, time, actualising PBL within K-12 timeline, fitting in the guidelines, and planning the learning experience itself.
teaching, Project Based Learning (PBL), learning, United Arab Emirates (UAE)