SCHOOLS’ READINESS TO EDUCATE CHILDREN WITH DYSLEXIA IN AN INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT: An Investigative case study on a private elementary school in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Schools play the greatest role in developing the children’s reading skills and carry the biggest responsibility to discover any difficulties related to literacy. This research paper investigated the ability of a private school located in Dubai to identify and respond to learning challenges related to dyslexia in the elementary stage. The primary objective of the first years in education is to learn how to read. Dyslexia is the most common learning difficulty and at the same time the most hidden one. The researcher examined in this paper the entire experience of students with dyslexia starting from the admission phase until attending an intervention program. The research concluded that the situation of education of those children in an inclusive primary stage could be better. The school in the study is to a good extent ready to educate students with dyslexia in an inclusive setting, but improvements in the staffing, identification and intervention are required for better performance. The conclusion cannot be generalized to all schools, but it is intended to raise awareness about the quality of education offered to children with dyslexia and to help decision-makers recognize the areas for improvement in the current school system in the UAE. The study suggested changes to the current inclusion system to enhance its ability to educate children with dyslexia.
inclusion, dyslexia, acquired dyslexia, developmental dyslexia, schools' readiness, inclusion policy, teachers’ development, Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)