Sustainable landscapes for residential neighborhoods in Dubai: An analysis of the relationship between ambient temperature and water requirements of landscape

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
‘Greening’ is a concept associated with sustainable design worldwide. When this is applied to the context of a hot climate zone of Dubai, it becomes a challenge to ‘Green the desert’ considering the limited resources of water. The benefits of landscape are manifold, in all aspects of sustainable design. The environmental aspects include temperature reduction, mitigation of urban heat island effect, optimal micro- climatic conditions for better outdoor thermal comfort and enables bio-diversity. Better quality of life and healthier lifestyles of the residents contribute to the social benefits of having these green open areas. This also makes economic sense when the energy consumption is reduced due to the shading provided by the vegetation on the building surfaces.
sustainable landscapes, vegetation species, temperature, ENVI-met simulations, greening, irrigation, water consumption