Strategy Engineering as an Emergent Phenomenon for Successful Organisations

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This thesis aims to establish a new understanding of strategy and a new school of thought. The strategy engineering model consists of strategy resources and organisation development pillars wherein strategy engineering is a means to achieve effective strategic implementation and strategy success, thus satisfying and utilizing certain tools and techniques. Strategy Engineering is commonly used in practice although it is not sufficiently represented in the literature. In the context of this research, strategy engineering is defined as a way of conceiving strategy alignment, projects’ rigour and organisational desires that all contribute to the long-term sustainability of organisations. The empirical research for this thesis is qualitative and concentrates on leadership at executive and senior levels of management. It was conducted during 2018-2021 in the KSA, the UAE and Lebanon, in privateوpublic and NGO’s. The research methods and data collection included ten interviews, five focus groups and ten observation sessions, designed to maximize variation as well as to increase validity and reliability.
Strategic Planning, strategy engineering, strategy resources, organization development, performance management, strategic planning, strategy management, United Arab Emirates (UAE)