Educational Leaders’ Perceptions of the Development and Implementation of the Higher Educational Reforms in the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The report is based on the education system that is an important element for the growth of every nation. This study is aimed to discuss perceptions of educational leaders in the development and implementation of educational reforms in higher education in the UAE. For data collection, both primary and secondary research sources are used. Relevant literature is also used for gaining insight into the topic. For primary research, interviews and surveys were used, and five respondents were selected for the survey questionnaire, and five were selected for interviews. The factors are studied that have an impact on the perceptions of leadership in the UAE concerning higher education, along with the importance of reforms taken in the UAE in the education industry. The aim is to investigate the developments and implementation of different reforms in higher education in the UAE. Different theories have also been discussed, and insights from the literature review have also been taken while using authentic websites. The interview method is also used for data collection, and the questions were based on research variables. The interviews were conducted with five respondents. It is observed that higher education is a very critical factor for every country, and it can enhance the capability of generation and competitiveness as well. There are many factors that may impact the higher education system, and educational reforms need to be taken. The example of UAE is also discussed along with recommendations for bringing more educational reforms and upgrading their educational strategies etc. so that a successful education system can be developed in UAE.
education leadership, United Arab Emirates (UAE), education system, higher educational reforms, higher education, leadership, education industry