Issues Related to the Education of Learners with Cerebral Palsy in Mainstream Private Elementary Schools in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study looks at challenges faced by female pupils with cerebral palsy in elementary mainstream schools in Dubai. It focuses on three aspects of inclusion of learners with cerebral palsy, namely, physical, academic as well as social-emotional. It examines issues faced by these learners and suggests ways in which these barriers may be removed. This study uses a multimethod approach, all of them generating qualitative data. The researcher gathered information by the use of semi-structured interviews, field based observations and document analysis. An attempt was made to look at the commonplace life of the student participants in the elementary mainstream setting, in order to gather facts from all possible aspects and to look at the issues, which may have had an effect on the situation. The results were then further sub divided into aspects that would enable the researcher to gain a wider perspective of the entire situation. The research findings were examined and discussed and an insight was provided into the ways in which existent issues might be addressed. Recommendations were given which would in turn further inform and advance the education of these learners. As a final note, this dissertation stresses the need for further research and suggests directions to achieve the same.
cerebral palsy, inclusion, physical, academic, social-emotional, Dubai, elementary schools