Virtual Museums Technology: A Case Study in the UAE Museums

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The British University in Dubai
Along with the technological progressions, and the increase of mobile users, the need of keeping up with the times and developing a strong online presence is on the raise. Many institutions and organizations today strive to have that and many are working hard to create an online and mobile applications that will help cement their place with the <anytime, anywhere> today users. Yet the situation of the museums around the world and especially here in the UAE is different, as current research about virtual museums in UAE shows that the museums are a bit lacking when it comes to the technology department, and although most UAE museums have undergone technological improvements, there is still a lack in applying virtual technologies or having a strong online presence that can serve the ever growing online crowds. That’s why this study has been conducted, its sole purpose is to review the museums history in general and the museums virtual history in specific. This study will also discuss the available virtual technologies that the museums can apply and test to improve their technological services to the public. However, no new technology comes without challenges, therefore several challenges that face the museums worldwide and precisely in the UAE when applying such technologies is highlighted as well. The researcher has studied the situation of the UAE museums by examining four research questions about the use of virtual technology and how can it attract more museum goers. The methods used in the research were a conducted Case study of UAE museums and a questionnaire distributed among 186 members of the public. The hypotheses was accepted and successful which resulted in proving the need of virtual technologies in UAE museums to increase the local insert in the country’s museums.
virtual museums technology, UAE museums, United Arab Emirates (UAE), virtual technologies