The Impact of Using Information and Communication Technology in the Attitudes and Achievement of Grade Three Students in Mathematics and Science

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Nowadays, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an important role in transforming and supporting the learning process. Thus, the need to understand how the investment in educational technology can impact teaching and learning practices becomes apparent. According to the studies, evidence shows that some school subjects benefit from ICT more than others. This study aimed to explore the impact of ICT use in mathematics and science classes by investigating the effect of such integration on grade-three students’ attitudes towards ICT use, and their achievement in mathematics and science. The participants of this study comprised of 41 grade-three students from a private school in Dubai. Students were divided into two groups; an experimental group where an ICT tool was used for instruction, and a control group where the teacher was the source of instruction. A mixed-method approach was used to collect data via students’ attitudes questionnaire, pre- and post- achievement tests, and classroom observations. Data analysis of attitudes questionnaire has revealed that students have positive attitudes towards the use of ICT in the computer lab in both mathematics and science. However, students were found to enjoy the science class more than mathematics when using ICT. The analysis of pre- and post- achievement tests revealed that the use of ICT increased students’ achievement scores in both subjects. But when compared to the traditional method of teaching, this impact was not considered statistically significant. When comparing students’ progress in mathematics and science when using ICT, science was found to benefit from ICT more than mathematics. The findings of the observation reflected students’ confusion at the beginning of the class and their need for clear instructions. Additionally, students needed the teacher’s help in some parts of the lessons, especially in mathematics, indicating that the teacher should stay central of the education process. These findings imply that in order to best benefit from ICT in classroom, pedagogies as well as CAI design should be further investigated.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT), educational technology