An integrated framework of advanced technological solutions for better construction project delivery in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
For years the construction sector has been keen to enhance its productivity and efficiency, besides many initiatives been proposed. The confusion lies on the selection of an appropriate innovation for better construction project delivery. Presently, a number of advanced construction tools, innovations, and methods are available that could be used to improve construction project delivery. Hence, this study aimed to examine how advanced technological tools and methods can be used to reduce the number of construction project delivery errors in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and propose an integrated framework that will comprise of advanced technological solutions for better delivery of construction projects in UAE. As highlighted in this study, the proposed framework can be used by UAE practitioners to overcome current project delivery challenges. It is worth noting that low productivity and delay in UAE construction projects have been observed as main challenges. The factors that influences the construction project delivery were identified in the literature and a conceptual framework proposed. The conceptual framework comprises of key technologies, innovations, tools, methods, and materials that could positively impact the construction project delivery and to address the current challenges of UAE’s construction projects. The data was collected through quantitative research method. Professional construction practitioners in UAE were the participants of this study. The findings of the study suggest that there is a need for the integration of construction technologies in the UAE sector. Advanced technological solutions were used to formulate the proposed integrated framework, that could be used to enhance project delivery in UAE. The findings of the study further suggest that the framework could be used to by construction practitioners to address technological project delivery challenges in UAE.
construction technologies, project delivery, advanced construction technologies, productivity, project management, United Arab Emirates (UAE)