The Cultural Impact on the Use of ABA as an Intervention Tool for Learners with ASD in Dubai and Lebanon (Comparative Study)

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research set out to carry out a mixed methods study on the cultural impact on the use of ABA as an intervention tool for learners with ASD in Dubai and Lebanon. The survey responses intended for use in the collection of quantitative data were so small, the research was only able to use these results for triangulation value. However, the collection of qualitative data through semi-structured interviews (3) and questionnaires (3) were quite instructive. Ultimately this research findings confirm findings in the literature and in doing so inform that culture has a trickle-down effect on parents who pose the greatest challenges for those who implement and apply the ABA program as an intervention tool for learners with ASD in both Dubai and Lebanon. The study also found that teachers can benefit from greater knowledge and understanding of the ABA program in order to improve both Dubai and Lebanon’s commitment to inclusion policies and practices. Based on the results of this research recommendations are made to improve the effectiveness of the ABA program as an effective tool intervention on behalf of learners with ASD. Recommendations are aimed at targeting parents, teachers and government/policy makers with a view to eliminating the risk of cultural impacts on the effectiveness of ABA as an intervention tool for learners with ASD in both Lebanon and Dubai. This research also identified areas for further research with a view to identifying just how the ABA program can be more effectively implemented and applied globally.
cultural impact, ABA program, intervention tool, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)