Application of Balance Scorecard for Assessing and Improving School Teacher’s Performance: A study in a Public School in Al Ain

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The balanced scorecard is a performance management tool to assess the performance of the teacher by considering four different aspects. The schools in Al Ain are evaluating the performance of the teachers by analysing financial, customers, child development growth and staff improvement as these factors encourage the teachers to engage in their work and perform at their level best. The research was conducted with aim to evaluate the implication of balanced scorecard in the schools to analyze the performance of the teacher. For the study research has used both qualitative and quantitative approach to derive the result. From the analysis it has been found that the balanced scorecard is being implemented in the schools of Al Ain. The findings also revealed that balanced scorecard is an effective tool because it does not improve teacher's performance but also the performance of the schools. The study concluded that balanced scorecard is the best tool that should be adopted by the school teachers and school heads top increase self-awareness and improve teaching quality. The findings can be implied by the schools head in order to enhance the performance of the teachers. It will help the teachers to increase self-awareness and will assist the school heads to build confidence and morale among the teachers, which is falling due to mismanagement and traditional style of teaching.
balanced scorecard, United Arab Emirates (UAE), performance management, teacher's performance