Managing Students' Engagement Before and During Covid-19

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The objective of this research is to determine how managing students’ engagement changes before and during Covid-19 through online distance learning. Online distance learning occurs by having students learn through live sessions over a certain platform that the school is following. This study depends on interviews that were conducted by the researcher to middle school mathematics teachers to check how engagement of students differs from the beginning of Covid-19 until now. The research approach in this research has been used by qualitative research. The results of this study showed that teachers did observe that having students physically present in class makes a huge difference compared to teaching them online from their own houses. It was also mentioned that body language played an important role when it comes to understanding how well students are doing with regards to understanding the objectives that are explained in the lesson. On the other hand, online learning had its positives as well when discussed with the participants. Mathematics was chosen specifically for this study because it was one of the abstract subjects that rely almost exclusively on having students in class, and since the researcher was a mathematics teacher so challenges were also personally faced throughout the era of online learning during this pandemic. Future research could be conducted to include more options on how to have students with special learning needs to be engaged during online learning and to include parents’ and students’ perspectives regarding students’ engagement.
COVID-19, students’ engagement, distance learning, online distance learning, online learning