To What Extent Do Secondary Schools in Northern Emirate (Fujairah) Prepare Students with Special Needs for Inclusion in Higher Education?

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Secondary Education remains a challenge due to the way of teaching that focuses mainly on delivering a bulk of information in traditional ways. Large numbers of students are allocated to each teacher in the classroom. This study investigates the promptness of two of Fujairah governmental secondary schools preparing students with special education needs to be included in higher education. Qualitative and quantitative methods were utilized to consider the factors that affect the provision of services to these students. The researcher used a number of research tools including a questionnaire survey, semi structured interviews, and observation. The results show that the way of preparing special needs students to be reconsidered because until now, secondary schools include students with special educational needs for social issues rather than having the insight to bridge the gaps, and consider the factors that affect their academic achievement and self-esteem after the secondary school. Further research is deemed necessary to validate the results of the current study.
Special Education Needs (SEN), least restrictive environment, Ministry of Education (MoE), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), Individual Education Plan (IEP), learning disabilities