Prolongation Cost as a Remedy for Construction Contracts Delays

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Although the construction companies in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates spend colossal amounts of monies to prepare time related cost claims, those claims usually do not reflect the contractor’s actual loss or damage incurred. Indeed, it is complex task to determine the cause and effect of delays, notwithstanding the applicable contracts terms and the National statutes that usually encompass defined the claim boundaries. This dissertation discusses the various types of the head of claims and the methods for proving and quantifying claims in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates by using Doctrinal Research method supported by Qualitative Research. The various grounds for claims have been analysed, substantiated and quantified to broaden the understanding on how successful claims can be made. The dissertation therefore is likely to help the contractors to produce more credible claims whilst concentrating on well recognized heads of claims rather than pursuing unrecoverable and unjustified claims and damages.
construction contracts delays, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom, law