Examining The Efficiency of Arbitration Advantages in the United Arab Emirates in light of the Arbitration Law

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Due to the constant progress of the arbitration rules and the exceptional demand and acceptance of disputants to resort to arbitration, due to its several advantages and due to the issuance of the relatively new arbitration law. It was necessary to conduct this research which aims to assess the adequacy of the benefits of arbitration in the United Arab Emirates, in light of the arbitration Law. The aim of this study is to ascertain the benefits of arbitration and comprehend the regulatory framework implemented by the UAE legislature to enhance its economic and legal leadership position in the region and worldwide, by leveraging the advantages of the arbitral process. The present dissertation has yielded significant findings and conclusions. Specifically, it has been determined that the Arbitration Law has duly acknowledged the latest trends in arbitration and has incorporated various provisions that govern the arbitral proceedings in accordance with the parties' autonomy, confidentiality, timely process, equal and fair process, and enforceable judgments. These provisions had been interrelated with the roles of parties and their agreement, the tribunal selected by the parties, the provisions of the arbitration law, or the competent court.
arbitration law. United Arab Emirates (UAE)