Dubai Smart Building Assessment System

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Guidelines and ranking criteria are very important to evaluate buildings. In order to evaluate and define a building as a smart building there should be a criteria or guideline base. In other words an assessment checklist for the building systems, which could be automated to evaluate major building systems, e.g. (HVAC, lighting, Security, etc..). This study is based on the author’s self-logical thinking and analytical research on the essence of implementing a Smart Building in Dubai. The target is to establish smart building implementation guidelines or ” general criteria “ in order to consider a building “smart”. Furthermore, it is based on a Smart Buildings (SB) Survey with more than 100 participants including (building owners, Smart Building Systems Vendors, Consultant’s Companies and Government Experts) in the Emirates of Dubai. Until now no guidelines or standards were issued on smart systems that should be implemented in the buildings of Dubai. There is no specified framework, code, regulations or even simple guidelines for smart buildings for Dubai’s future buildings vision. Although some private companies do their own research on smart buildings score. There are very limited studies about the minimum requirements for implementing smart building procedures. The feasibility and factors conducted in any smart building and the smart building systems which should be implemented, to consider the building smart. Consequently, there is no smart buildings’ checklist or clear assessment system in Dubai depending on the different buildings types and usages that are being permitted, in Dubai Municipality. The SB Survey was carried out with the support of Dubai Municipality in 2016, in order to study the feasibility of providing a smart building guideline.
smart building, assessment system, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)