The Impact of Using Effective Differentiation Strategies on Students' Learning: A case study of an Elementary School in Dubai.

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The aim of this research is to highlight the effectiveness of differentiation in Elementary classrooms in a private school in Dubai. Moreover, the research provides comprehensive analysis through applying multiple research method in order to identify the impact of differentiation on students’ learning. This study investigates the impact of differentiated instructions and recommend strategies to guide teachers who might lack understanding of how and why they need to differentiate. In this study, the research approach will be followed is a multi-method research has been applied. The samples are students of two elementary classrooms has been gathered. Furthermore, documents analysis, survey from 22 respondents and interviews from two teachers, one inclusion head and one curriculum coordinator have also been performed. The effectiveness of differentiation strategies has also been compared from 10 students. Research were obtained based on assessment data collected after teaching using effective differentiation strategies and compare the results to their results before using these effective strategies of differentiation. The study confirmed that using effective differentiated strategies and instructions impact positively on students’ performance and their learning outcome.
differentiation strategies, students' learning, elementary school, United Arab Emirates (UAE), elementary classrooms, private school, students’ performance