Smart Safe Cities Technology Architecture to Assure Citizens’ Happiness and Future Foresight to Achieve United Arab Emirates 100 Year Vision: Response Readiness, National Resilience and Future Accelerations

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Smart cities have emerged quite rapidly across the globe, be it the Masdar City in partuclar Abu Dhabi the capital of UAE, or in London, or Washington irrespective of the economy being developed, developing or emerging. This is primarily given the usefulness of such cities to enable transparency and efficiency within the city functions. In this research, the focus on the ‘safety’ aspect within smart cities, bringing forth the implementations requirement to transform a smart city into safety city for UAE. The aim of this research is to build a conceptual framework to enable the transformation of smart city into SSC, supporting citizen happiness, future accelerations and sharing future governments. Over the years, various models and theories were proposed to enable organizations into smart organizations, with one such being the institutional theory. The theory has been utilized extensively, in collaboration with other theories such as the Lewin’s model of 3-stage or the barrier-driver model developed for e-governments. The case considered for this research was Abu Dhabi Government in UAE, with the research questions and objectives set out and achieved through the aid of a quantitative survey questionnaire. The sample selected for the research was public sector of Abu Dhabi. With a detailed review of the factors (internal and external) of smart cities and e-government (as the base), the study reviewed the benefits, barriers as well as risks that entail the transformation of smart cities to SSC within the context of UAE. Based on the findings of the data analysis, the conceptual framework developed was validated followed by a re-conceptualization to suit the Abu Dhabi Government. Recommendations were built to support the extension of the framework to smart city models in other countries to focus and build on the safety aspect, thus achieving citizen happiness and boost future development.
Smart cities., citizen happiness, smart city technology adoption, smart government, United Arab Emirates (UAE)