Human Resource Management, Employees’ Motivation and Job Productivity: The Case of Medical Research Centers in the United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Organizational productivity is a crucial problem for any organization. There has been a problem of many business managers regarding the human resource department as a critical component of the business. Particularly, some business managers do not trust the HR department as a strategic business organ. The purpose of this research is to explore the human resource management at medical centres in the United Arab Emirates. The study uses the inductive research approach. It analyzes employees’ motivation in different medical centres in the United Arab Emirates. The investigation employs mixed methods, both quantitative and qualitative. On one hand, it is important to collect enough data for calculating a correlation between the workforce’s motivation and productivity. In order to achieve this aim, it is planned on carrying out a survey among employees of medical centres in the United Arab Emirates. Survey and interviews are conducted in this research and 200 respondents were selected so that through investigation could be performed. Descriptive statistics are reported though frequencies and the distribution of the values of the variables. Chi-square tests are performed through crosstabulation of the main study variable. Pearson correlation results and regression tests have been applied so that the associations and relationships between the study variables can be understood. In the majority of reported cases the level of significance is at the 1 percent level. It is found that HR management at medical centres in the UAE is relatively effective. It fulfils its main function, although certain problems exist. It is recommended for the organizations under investigation to take several actions which can make their HR departments more effective and the betterment could be determined.
motivation, human resource management, job productivity, medical research centers, United Arab Emirates (UAE)