Employee Engagement and Leadership in a UAE Governmental Organization

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study explores the relationship between leadership practices and employee engagement in a "Federal Government" organization (FG), in the United Arab Emirates. The research intent is to identify practical initiatives that can be implemented in organization FG. The main contribution is to identify which leadership practices will increase FG's organizational performance and employee engagement. Recommendations for HRM policy and practice are provided based on the main findings. This study is based on qualitative research through individual interviews and focus groups. Two interviews were conducted with members of the executive management along with two focus groups including sixteen employees; six participants from middle management and ten from various operational levels. Data collected covered all organizational levels and generated sufficient input from both leadership and employees’ points of view. The findings present key insights on leadership, higher management practices, and employee engagement at FG. The findings reveal drivers of disengagement present in some areas of leadership, internal communications, and training and development. Overall, it is proposed that future studies on engagement are conducted. In addition, future engagement appraisal should take place as an integral part of the routine appraisal system to lead FG organization towards achieving its strategic vision.
employee engagement, leadership, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Governmental Organization, organizational performance