Factors affecting digital government services adoption

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The British University in Dubai
We are recently witnessing the fast-evolving digital government that leverages the power of digital data in transforming government services into optimized digital services. Earlier, eGovernment was concerned only with availing government services through online channels. With this fast move, governments are spending huge amounts on the digitization efforts, however, many governments are still struggling with relatively low public adoption percentages. Public adoption of digital government services reflects the extent of success and efficiency of each government in the provisioning of its digital services. The purpose of this research is to achieve two main objectives. First, to undertake a systematic review to synthesize the findings from published researches concerning factors affecting citizen adoption of digital government in several countries, in total, 471 articles were identified to be relevant to the topic, of which, 131 were shortlisted, then a final refinement of 28 articles were studied based on the search strategy. Second, to conduct an empirical analysis to provide insightful findings on United Arab Emirates (UAE)’ users behavior towards digital services, through the web analytics of real data captured from government.ae the official portal of the UAE government and the one stop shop for all UAE government information and services. The choice of UAE is justified. The country reached a leading position in the UN eGovernment Survey 2018, in which it is ranked Sixth globally, and first among the Arab countries based on the Online Service Index Based on the systematic review results and taking into consideration UAE user behavior, the outcome of this research is a set of conclusions and suggestions for boosting digital services public adoption in governments in general with a specific focus on the UAE government.
digital government services, eGovernment, United Arab Emirates (UAE), digital services, UAE government