Critical Review of Steel Column Base Plate Design Codes and Their Relevance to United Arab Emirates

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The British University in Dubai
Structural engineers are often posed with a question for an economical design of a structural building which would decide the overall economic and the time concern in a construction. If the design is at optimum by choosing a suitable code the involvement of the materials would be less which will help to decrease the pollution caused in the environment as well. In short where structural steel works are being used with other structural materials the importance of various connection plays to be indispensable. One of which the steel column base plate connection that would perform adequately for the specified demand. This is the most critical element in the entire structure which would carry the load of the entire building through the columns to transfer to the base plate and then to the ground and ensuring the stability of the structure. Hence this dissertation intends to bring about a requirement of workability such as the easy and efficient construction, working the connection with high loads and deformation with sufficient capacity ensuring least cost, maintenance and with long durability with an economical design code. In the United Arab Emirates where the country is home to all the high rise structures will need this aspect as the cost involved is at high steak. The three codes which are thus reviewed in this are the Eurocode, American and the British standard codes emphasizing more on latter two codes (British and American). The involvement of the computer analysis supporting the work will provide much understanding to choose which code is more suitable for a desired project for the municipalities and consultancies in U.A.E.
structural engineers, United Arab Emirates (UAE), structural building, Eurocode