Experiences of Mothers on Maternity Leave Policies in the UAE: A Research Study in the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research explores the experiences of mothers on maternity leave policies in the UAE, focusing on the effects of maternity leave length, financial support, and quality on mothers' well-being and general health. While extensive research on this topic has been conducted in Western countries, limited research has been carried out in the UAE, requiring further investigation. The study's participants encompassed 37 working mothers aged 25 to 44 who had recently returned from maternity leave. The research questions sought to determine the effect of maternity leave length, financial support, and quality on maternal well-being and general health. Hypotheses were formulated, suggesting positive associations between maternity leave length, financial support, and quality with well-being and general health. The results indicated no significant relationship between maternity leave length and financial support with well-being and general health. These findings contrast with previous studies conducted in other countries, indicating that there may be unique contextual factors in the UAE influencing these relationships. However, a notable finding emerged, revealing a significant positive correlation between the quality of maternity leave and well-being. The results provide valuable insights into the complex dynamics of maternity leave policies and their impact on maternal outcomes. Research highlights the need for further research in the UAE to better understand the specific factors influencing mothers’ well-being and general health during the maternity leave period.
maternity leave, United Arab Emirates (UAE), financial support