The impact of using Socrative based formative assessment to enhance student achievement in a nutrition course: A digital forward assessment

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The purpose of this paper is to describe an experimental study that examined the impact of using Socrative as a tool for formative assessment “Feedforward” on EFL tertiary college students’ conceptual understanding of a nutrition course in the United Arab Emirates. The impact is determined by student test achievements. The study used true experimental design on 47 nutrition students and randomly assigned 23 participants into an experimental group and 24 into a control group. Both groups took pre-post-test of three parts unit of macronutrients. After the teaching the units, a pretest was administered, then the experimental group got a Socrative formative based assessment and the control group received the usual traditional paper based review. The study evaluated students’ understanding of the concepts and improvement of posttest after treatment of socrative based formative assessment. The results were analyzed in statistical software (SPSS 23) using independent t-test to determine if there was significant difference in the posttest scores between the two groups. The findings showed a significant improvement in the experimental group’s posttest, which is an impact in the implementation of socrative as formative assessment in enhancing student achievement.
formative assessment, student response system (SRS), socrative, feedforward, educational technology