The Effects of Using Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) in Teaching English Language Grammars

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Computers are excellent machines in achieving tasks that have a repetitive nature without being tired or feeling bored. This feature enabled scientists to develop some software that mimic the role of human tutors and teach the students different subjects without being tired or bored. These software interact with the students, give them instructions and test their performance and thus, they provide the students with the suitable learning atmosphere which enables them to learn everywhere and anytime.The computer programs that provide the students with a gainful and tireless tutoring are known as : Intelligent Tutoring Systems(ITSs). Despite the fact that intelligent tutoring systems differ in their structure and/or organization, they nearly provide the same functionalities. The differences appear due to the differences in the nature of the subject taught by the system. Using intelligent tutoring systems in teaching English language grammars facilitates the process of teaching and learning. ITSs provide the students with the suitable instructions that help them to understand the rules , then they test the students’ understanding by providing some questions and finally, give them the feedback according to their performances. This way helps the students to learn at any place they like and at the suitable time. Moreover, using intelligent tutoring systems helps teachers to concentrate on the students’ weaknesses and save time and effort of repeating the parts that the students master. They also give the parents the chance to revise the topics covered in the school to their children which will benefit the process of learning.Intelligent tutoring systems are very common and effective. Thus, further efforts are required from the scientists , and educators to develop more complex intelligent tutoring systems and engage the use of ITSs in schools, universities , colleges and any educational organizations.This research tends to study the effects of using intelligent tutoring systems in teaching English language grammars ( the present simple rule ). As a start, the research will study the effects of the ITSs in teaching grade 11 students from Um Al Emarat Secondary School , then further researches will be applied on wider ranges. Keywords : Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs), Intelligent Computer-Aided Instruction (ICAI), Computer Assisted Language Learning ( CALL ).
intelligent tutoring systems, teaching English language grammars, ITSs