The Impact of Professional Learning Development Workshops Focused on Technology Integration on Teachers’ Usage and Perception of Technology: A Study on Enhancing Practices and Outcomes in a Private School in Al Ain

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research paper investigates the impact of technology integration workshops on teachers' utilization of technology in the classroom. The study aims to explore the relationship between participation in these workshops, teachers' perception on the use of technology, and student outcomes. The research is grounded in six traditional and emerging theories, including Transformative Learning Theory, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Self-Efficacy Theory, Social Cognitive Theory, Constructivist Learning Theory, and Communities of Practice theory, which serve as the foundation for the universal integration of technology into education. A mixed-method approach was used, which involved conducting a survey of a representative sample of schoolteachers and leaders followed by a series of interviews to collect sufficient data about the research topic. Various statistical techniques were utilized to analyse the data, and inferential statistics, particularly Spearman correlation analyses, were conducted to investigate the research hypotheses. The correlation analysis demonstrated a significant positive correlation between the impact of professional learning development workshops focused on technology integration on teachers' usage and perception of technology. The study's findings indicate that technology integration workshops can significantly enhance the practices and outcomes of teachers by increasing their confidence, competence, and motivation in using technology to support student learning. The study identifies key components of effective technology integration workshops and provides recommendations for teacher preparation programs. The implications of this study are significant in today's digital age, where technology has become an essential component of education. The research highlights the need to invest in quality training courses and provide follow-up and continuing support to ensure that the techniques and knowledge acquired in workshops are properly assimilated into their everyday teaching methods, guaranteeing that the acquired skills are put into action consistently. The limitations of the study include the small sample size and the focus on one private school, which limits the generalizability of the findings. However, the results of this study can be applied not only to private schools but also to other educational organizations. In conclusion, this research demonstrates the significant impact of technology integration workshops on teachers' usage and perception of technology. The study's findings provide important insights into the benefits of targeted training for teachers in private schools and emphasize the need for investing in premium professional development plans to meet the individual requirements of educators.
education, Educational technology, technology integration, professional learning development, teacher training, United Arab Emirates (UAE)