COVID-19 bacteria viability and transmission in a shared ducted air conditioning system in multi residential building

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The last year of 2020 by all thoughts, had changed the whole world normality. We have woken up on a sudden change of where whatever was granted, is not anymore. It is not granted that you go to work, to school, for grocery shopping or hang out as usual. It is not granted that holidays will be passed with families, and your plan to have the trip you were excited for is frozen till further notice. And above all, you might be in a risk of health issue and you were not aware of, and you might have put your most valuable people in your life in a health risk and you are not aware of. The year of 2020 had started with a hit of a virus of SARS- Cov-2 named after its starting year at end of 2019 “COVID - 19”, that had changed our life and taken us to a phase of pandemic. The pandemic of COVID - 19 has been the hit, the topic, and the change. When things were so granted, we didn’t have the time to appreciate the little but not so little things anymore. We had time to reconnect within our small families, had time to talk and listen without saying later. We had time to sit together and share moments that had been lost in the hectic speed of life. Welcome back to those values! This phase had urged the world to look into two scenarios for COVID - 19; one being the importance of limiting and stopping its spread; and the other scenario was to find the cure. The World Health Organization (WHO) had initiated and supported all studies, researches and experiments on the subject. This study will assist in the first target to look how the transmission of the virus is going into buildings and its services and what can be done to limit it.
COVID-19, bacteria viability, conditioning system, multi residential building