Challenges of deploying one-to-one Laptop Initiative in United Arab Emirates High Schools

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
One of the most recent educational technology that contributes to the improvement of the educational system in UAE high schools is one-to-one laptop initiative. The predicted results of this research were to determine the one-to-one laptop initiative challenges encountered, and to what extent it affects teachers and students at DAT government school in UAE. The case study focuses on two challenges: professional development and technical support assistance. Research conducted qualitative and quantitative approaches to answer two-research questions. The approaches include teachers and students’ online questionnaires, grade 10, 11 and 12 students’ marks observation and interviews with teachers and students when needed. Research results revealed that professional development presence is important in such technology deployment as it has a huge impact on teachers’ preparation level, which affect students’ performance and outcome in classroom. Moreover, technical support assistance involvement is essential to ensure the success of one-to-one laptop deployment and to gain the maximum benefit for the sake of teaching and learning processes in the school. The research findings suggest more studies that need to be conducted in type of training workshops that serve the exact teaching requirement and more details on technical support specifications that school should have to adopt any new education technology in the future.
laptop Initiative, United Arab Emirates (UAE), high schools, educational technology, students’ performance, teaching and learning