The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Teachers’ Performance in the UAE

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Job satisfaction greatly affects job performance. This is of a prodigious value in education as the teachers’ performance impacts the quality of education and thus the Human Development Index (HDI) of the nation. Purpose: to investigate the effect of job satisfaction on the performance of teachers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) utilizing a scale that was used in business management previously. Methodology: The research used a quantitative empirical method, whereby the impact of the independent variable (teachers’ satisfaction) was measured on the dependent variable (teachers’ performance). The data used was primary data collected via a survey distributed to a convenient sample. Respondents included 112 teachers working in UAE. SPSS application was used for data analysis. Reliability, factor analysis and construct validity were tested, and shown adequate sample and reliable tool. Regression model was applied, in order to test the two developed hypotheses. Findings: revealed that job satisfaction is associated with job performance among teachers. Implications: Results may help decision makers to enhance the teachers’ satisfaction in order to improve teachers’ performance.
This open access book presents contributions on a wide range of scientific areas originating from the BUiD Doctoral Research Conference (BDRC 2023)
teachers’ job performance, teachers’ job satisfaction, teachers in UAE
Salameh, N., Benkohila, N. (2024). The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Teachers’ Performance in the UAE. In: Al Marri, K., Mir, F.A., David, S.A., Al-Emran, M. (eds) BUiD Doctoral Research Conference 2023. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 473. Springer, Cham.