Current Status of Gifted and Talented Learners in Cycle 2 Government Schools in Abu Dhabi Emirate: an Analytical Study

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The research on identifying and challenging the gifted and talented learners across the world has increased during the last few years and has explored numerous methods of identifying them. These methods are based on their academic achievement, creativity, interests, motivation and learning characteristics .In the UAE, there are many efforts catering for this category. However, many significant steps are required in order to meet the needs of this category. This study aims to investigate the status of the centers of gifted and talented learners in cycle two Abu Dhabi Educational Zone (ADEZ). This study also explores the procedures of identification; the programs this category receive, the challenges they face and the recommendations in order to develop their abilities. The research will be complied through a thorough examination and a comparison among the three centers for gifted and talented learners in ADEZ. The researcher analyzes the current status of these centers and compares it to the situation of this category in other advanced countries. Furthermore, the study was conducted through a mixed method of both qualitative and quantitative research. In conclusion, the study emphasizes the need to adopt multiple criteria when identifying the gifted and talented learners in ADEZ. Additionally, it ensures the importance of introducing effective programs in order to promote the gifted learners' thinking skills. The researcher also suggests a set of recommendations based on the findings of the study and the literature about gifted and talented learners to improve the status of this category.
gifted and talented, Government schools, Abu Dhabi, academic achievement, motivation, thinking skills