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Title: The Impact of Leadership Styles on Teachers’ Professional Development: A Study of a Private School in Dubai
Authors: Mahdy, Nahed Hussain
Keywords: leadership styles
teachers’ professional development
educational system
educational leaders
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
transformational leadership style
teachers’ performance
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: No one can deny that leaders play the main role in the educational system’s success. The aim of the current dissertation is to investigate the different leadership styles of educational leaders in one private school in Dubai. To achieve this mission, the researcher consulted several leadership theories such as Maxwell theory, the transformational leadership theory and the implicit theory in an attempt to thoroughly understand the various leadership styles and their impact on teachers’ performance and hence on the students’ level of achievements. The sample population comprised of 75 participants, 62 of which were teachers and the rest were educational leaders including the principal and the deputy headmaster in Al Salam private school in Dubai. The study depended on mixed methods to analyse and interpret the data. The key findings of the study revealed that most of leaders’ perspectives about their leadership styles were democratic in the sense of valuing their team, flexible in the way that teachers are given freedom in using their own strategies and sharing in decision-making. This finding matches Maxwell’s five levels of leadership as the school reached level five which is the level of great leaders. In addition, most teachers agreed that the transformational leadership style leads to enhanced performance and stressed the importance of the implicit theory that was consulted in this research.
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