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Title: Business Transformation and the Strategic Role of IT in Enabling Business Process Redesign
Authors: Al Meer Mohamed, Wafa
Keywords: business transformation
business process redesign
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The forces of market demand and requirements are unstoppable and unanticipated. A strong rivalry between companies and the increased level of quality services using technology advances put pressures on companies to transform to reach the rapid pace of change in the economy. Structuring supply chain by any means for example, building a solid logistics to serve customer around the world or integrating supply chain activities with 3rd parties or logistics service provider is a signification business transformation that required rethinking of business processes. It encourages organizations to redesign its business processes to add value to enhance and create more efficient business processes, through utilizing IT in enabling business process changes.Abu Dhabi Polymers Limited Company – Borouge - was studied as a case to examine the research paper question of business transformation and role of IT in enabling business processes changes. The research paper found that during Borouge’s business transformation a lot of intersections occur among people, processes, technology and data. Managing the overlap of these four elements is important to be analyzed and resolved to reduce its negative impact on the success of any given business transformation. Borouge’s employees found to be functional driven rather than process driven because they depended on IT systems and IT team in designing business processes rather than embracing business process logic, which promote less efficient business processes due to misalignment among different functions specially when using IT systems.The problems in business processes in Borouge advocate the need for business process redesign project to review Borouge’s business processes to add value, eliminate problems within the business processes and establish clear objectives and set of metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of business processes. Managing the conflicts between people, business processes, technology and data will ensure a good level of harmonization during business transformation which would optimize IT to establish efficient and integrated business processes to assist Borouge to compete strongly and globally.The research paper will present introduction of the research project, literature review on the topic, research methodology, and information about the studied organization, data analysis, discussion and conclusion.
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