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Title: Student Voice for enhancing the Quality of Inclusive Education
Authors: Jubran, Lara Numan
Keywords: inclusive education
student voice
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Student voice in inclusive education has been identified as an important component that enhances the quality of education for students with special educational needs (SEN). Moreover, Research in Academia has also highlighted the benefits that school systems and educators can gain from listening to the views of students with SEN and giving those views due weight. This study aims to see inclusive education through the voices of those who experience it, in this study student voice is used as a tool to find the perceptions of four students with SEN about their academic and social experiences at the school, about their disabilities, and it also investigates to what extent the students participate in making decisions about matters that affect them at the school. The study follows a phenomenological research method through which the researcher tries to get an insider’s view by conducting semi structured interviews. The data analysis revealed that the students have invaluable information to share about their educational and social experiences at the school; however, it has also been found that the absence of their voices has negatively affected their inclusion.
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