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Title: Managing Development for the Health Records to be centralized Electronically,in UAE
Authors: Al Rae, Rawhi Nasser
Keywords: healthcare
health information technology
electronic health records
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Improving the healthcare is considered to be one of the major strategic issues that have to be planned by the countries to provide a healthy life for the citizens and residents. The age of the health information technology can be approximated to the appearance of the digital technology. Health providers always search for the ways that may improve the quality of healthcare by adopting electronic devices and services,which proved to be faster and more accurate in processing than the human beings.Mistakes in the patients’ data can affect the diagnosing process, and may tragically lead into a failure in providing the right medical care or even negatively affect patient’s life. These mistakes are always related to the information contained in the patient records; because of missing information, or confusing details. Since the introduction of the electronic health records, solutions have been created to improve the availability of data and the security of information.In the last few years, countries have initiated plans to improve the implementation of health records system to be digitally centralized. This transformation can create a powerful base of health information in the countries, and provide a wider accessibility that is not limited to a specific location or time. Governmental projects of this size always need a lot of attention to plan how to react according to the challenges which can be described as organizational changes, technical limitations, budget constraints or even user's resistance.In this work, I investigate the current status of the health records systems in the United Arab Emirates. Then, I define the challenges in improving the health record system to be digitally centralized. Finally, I show how the centralized EHR project can be managed to control the technical implementation and organizational change.
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