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Title: iPad iPedagogy: A study of teacher perceptions on the impact of the iPad on teaching and assessment practices at a third level college in the United Arab Emirates
Authors: Mullen, Carmel
Keywords: iPad
teaching & learning, assessment
SAMR model of technology adoption
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
learner-centred education
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: This investigative study explores teachers’ perceptions of the opportunities and challenges associated with adopting the iPad as the primary learning resource and considers if the adoption of the device has facilitated innovative learning opportunities. It also discusses how the iPad has impacted assessment practices. The findings report both opportunities and limitations associated with the device and identify a core list of applications (apps) which teachers reported as effective in the classroom. It further identifies factors which discouraged teachers from experimenting with the device in the classroom. A pedagogical framework is outlined which could help teachers evaluate their use of the tablet. The paper concludes with recommendations to help alleviate factors which teachers identified as challenges and discusses approaches which could be adopted by policy makers and administrators which could help teachers maximize the potential of the iPad to help launch a new era of innovative, learner-centred education.
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