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Title: Integrating technology in ELT classrooms in UAE public schools: A Case Study
Authors: Shahdoor, Maitha Hassan Bin
Keywords: integrating technology
ELT classrooms
UAE public schools
learning styles
Issue Date: May-2013
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: This paper presents the results of a small-scale case study carried out in a U.A.E public institution. The study was conducted with a group of 6 teachers who teach English as a second to 18-20 year old female students. It examines the effects of using iPads with English learners on their motivation towards learning and classroom engagement and focuses on teachers’ views of the advantages and disadvantages of using iPads in particular. The data was based on interviews and questionnaires carried out on a group of 6 teachers who teach the same level of English to similar students. The data analysis was carried out in relation to the themes which emerged during the process of the case study. These themes are use of technology in teaching, use of technology in ESL classrooms, learners’ motivation, and the different learning styles of students in relation to implementing the use of iPads and teacher beliefs. It was found that despite the use iPads in delivering and practicing English in classrooms every day, both teachers and students continue to endure many technical issues which divert their attention to solving them rather than focus on the content of lessons and creates less motivation for students. In addition, paper is still used for assessments which results in using paper during class time in order to practice tests and therefore makes the use of iPads immaterial. Furthermore, it was found that using iPads for short grammar and vocabulary practice is far more appropriate than making it the only method that should be used as an explicit means of delivery and practice. Finally, iPads Apps that are gifted to both students and teachers are in fact less interactive Apps and are mainly used in the form of presentations. The paper concludes that iPads are an interesting form of technology to be used in English classrooms, however, not as an explicit method as the different learning styles should be taken into consideration and therefore other methods should be used in class to compliment such learning styles in order to create effective learning opportunities.
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