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Title: Educating the Gifted and Talented in the UAE: Status and Recommendations
Authors: Al Obaidli, Amna Ibrahim Ali
Keywords: gifted and talented
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
gifted education
UAE government
Issue Date: Jan-2006
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The United Arab Emirates is a recently founded country which has made an impressive progress in most of the areas concerning economy, industry, finance and education. However, gifted education seems not yet developed. Gifted and talented are considered to be the future of the nation. They have the right to be educated appropriately as any other children. Educating gifted and talented seems to earn huge concern around the world as these children with exceptional abilities and skills need specific education to meet their needs and promote their skills. This study aims to investigate the status of gifted education in the UAE’s government schools in order to give the appropriate recommendations. The study was conducted using a number of methods including a questionnaire survey, interviews, observation and documents review. The findings of the study show that educating the gifted and talented in the UAE’ s government schools needs improvement and more attention as the current gifted provisions are not meeting the needs of the gifted in the UAE. Most school teachers are not trained to teach the gifted and the curriculum does not offer differentiations for them. The study concludes that a policy is needed to organize the appropriate programs and provisions offered to the gifted in government schools. The means of identifications need to be varied and the provisions need to be more comprehensive and efficient. The study also offers a number of recommendations which are based on the findings of the research and the literature of gifted education to enhance and improve the status of gifted education in the UAE.
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